Google Wants To Give You More Customers!

Google Wants To Give You More Customers!

Google want’s to give you more customers…

Everybody knows Google. 

When you want to know a fact or information about anything, don’t we usually ‘Google it’?

So much so, it’s the fact why the term ‘Google it’ is now an official term in dictionaries.

That’s all well and good, so you know that a massive percentage of people in the UK use Google to search for things, especially local businesses.

You might not have known the other side to Google is that it is a HUGE money making business, that makes money from the people that use it’s SEARCH ENGINE.

The user doesn’t get charged but businesses PAY Google to be ahead of other competitors in the Results pages, after a user searches.

In short Google’s financial model means it needs to find the most relevant and useful website page for a particular search term.

Imagine if your page was highly ranked by Google for your preferred search terms, and the amount of customers you would get on a monthly basis.

That is a dream that many business owners share, it is something that we can help with.

We understand what Google wants from a website page and how we can make your business highly likeable by Google meaning it will go up in the rankings.

What if month on month, week on week in fact, you were drip feeding Google with what it craves on, the result it would have in a just a short time would be phenomenal.

We can conduct a FREE SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) report for you that show’s you how Google and other search engines see your site and your competitors, and how much work it would take for you to be ranked on the FIRST PAGE of Google.




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